Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Beginning - 2010

Okay, New Year, New Me...How many times have I said that??!! However, this year is going to be the best "New Me" ever. I have a list of "to-do's" that is a mile long but it is broken down into daily, weekly and monthly activities, each guaranteed to bring me one step closer to the culminating year's end, a "Super Yahoo" for a job well done.

The first is to downsize the amount of superfluous "stuff" I have in my home and get back to what is necessary. I have too much stuff, I don't use 75% of it and I can and should donate it all to people who have a real need in their lives and homes. There are so many people who need essentials, it seems wrong that I have so much that goes unused. As Gandhi said, "Be the Change You want to See in the World." So, that is my ongoing mantra for this year...I have always loved the quote but now is the time to live it.

The next step to success is to downsize the amount of superfluous activity I do on the computer and focus on three different aspects of my work rather than running around the internet all morning trying to determine which "base" to hit and which to skip. I have too many irons in the fire and need to narrow my focus down to the top three items and let the rest go. The stress of "not keeping up" just isn't worth it.

The third is my health, I absolutely need to get more exercise in my day. So, I will use the treadmill (a gym quality machine my husband bought me a few years ago because I swore I would use it someday...Hmmm. I guess it is time to address this someday excuse I have been using.) So, exercise is on the daily agenda, written in like any other appointment and KEPT!

The fourth is family photos. I have thousands of photos on my computer unfortunately, no one else ever sees them. The kids need photo albums, they need to see different times in their childhood; As a family we need to be able to sit and look at pictures and discuss the memories of days gone by. I have a ton of photos around the house but none in albums on the book shelves. I will print thousands of photos this year and put each and everyone of them in a photo album with notes about the events pictured. I owe this to my children, it is their history.

So there it is, a four item topic list of my goals for the new year. I left professional accomplishments out of the list all together. While I have those too, I felt that sharing my personal goals was more in alignment with this blog.

As this blog is about organization, as I journey along each day, week and month, I will share tidbits of success, implement new goals and share positive lessons learned along the way. So, onward and upward, as the New Year awaits our best efforts and outlook for a brighter world.