Monday, August 1, 2011

I love being organized. In fact, I take great pride in having corny things like the classroom telephone list or complete baseball schedule and roster in my "possession" at all times. I get a sick pleasure out of being the "go-to" mom with all the important facts...I hate to admit it but it is true. So, with this sick personality trait in mind, I was thrilled to discover the momAgenda, All-in-One Folio; this is the answer for any parent who is looking to become more organized without having to exert much effort at all. The All-in-One Folio contains a monthly calendar (which can be replaced each year without having to toss out the entire folio...a huge benefit for those on a budget) a notepad, a matching pen and twenty four page protectors (with tabs, I might add) perfect for storing important classroom lists, team rosters, school calendars, receipts, and even activity lists and events that parents are invited to attend. I keep my to-do list, party planning lists, and other important information in this book, changing things in and out as events occur. This book is the answer to any busy mom's life...who knows, maybe dads would like one too.

Just click on one of the two links below, picking one of the two choices for the All-In-One Folio, Ocean or Cherry, and Get Organized!!