Wednesday, October 21, 2009

When Halloween Party Planning Organization is Key

In three days I have a huge Halloween party for my kids. I expect somewhere near 50 kids to arrive, give or take, as I don't know who is bringing brothers and sisters and who is not. I have yet to plan the menu or the games as my youngest son is sick. Today, in a "power planning" session, I am going to get it all organized and ready to roll...if this happens to you, do not panic. As they say in emergency preparation courses, panic leads to death...same for event planning. Without hyperventilating or screaming, gather your resources and make lists for supplies, food ingredients, a menu for sweets and treats, games for the kids, arts and crafts activities, etc. and then strategically plan the event from the moment you wake up until the hour you drop into bed. Organization is absolutely fundamental to success...I have hosted this party for the last five years so it is a bit easier for me to plan the event due to my personal familiarity with the project. However, if you find yourself in this same position, just take a deep breath and make lots of notes and lists. If you are looking for last minute ideas, check out for some great ideas

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Organize by Season & Holiday

As Halloween approaches, many families will have to search high and low for their seasonal Halloween decorations. If this is you, take the time to purchase a seasonally colored tote in bright orange and black. Use this color coded tote for storing all autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations; this makes locating them each year much easier. Organization is about simplicity and having time to live your life, make sure that you make your organizational goals a one-time effort, there is no use having to recreate your efforts every time you turn around.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Organize Once...Then Maintain

I have a wonderful friend that is always "organizing" something in her home. This is a great housekeeping practice to maintain order in you home. However, in my friends case, her house isn't that big and she shouldn't need to re-organize her home so many times a year. The problem is that she gets everything organized and then completely lets he house go and has to start all over again. This is exhausting to say the least and leaves her feeling defeated every time she has to start again.

Learning to organize any aspect of your life or your home should be a one-time process. Organization is a simple process when done effectively the first time- clean, organize and maintain. Any more effort than that means you are keeping too much "stuff", a term made famous by the late George Carlin, and not fully organizing your space the first time. Follow along for the next few weeks as I offer real-life solutions to popular organization problems, I may have one that helps you too.