Friday, April 22, 2011

Off and Running...WordCount Blogathon 2011

Inspired by my friend, Jan Udlock, I am going to successfully participate in the WordCount Blogathon 2011. Notice the keyword "successfully"? This is because in January 2010 I was going to write a blog; that was as far as I got. I created the blog, wrote a couple entries and then life took over. No more entries.

This time it is going to be different.



  1. You can do this! Check out my last year's posts in May. Flip through them quickly. A few days I used only a picture and a few days when I was out-of-state, I prescheduled a few posts. This blogathon got me actually blogging. :) And depending on what age you teach, kids can blog privately...just a thought.

    Congrats for being courageous!