Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Well, I missed yesterday. As usual, family demands came ahead of my time to write. I am going to keep going, just to challenge myself.

Today I am pondering professionalism and temper tantrums, how emotionally freeing it must be for a child to just stand and scream "It's Not Fair" and with that thought, wondering how much healthier we, as adults, might be if  would we responded in the same fashion...of course, I mean in an emotionally expressive manner, not in a physical or aggressive manner.

Today, I am going to honestly recognize my feelings and acknowledge their energy. I am going to express myself and be true to what I am feeling. This is a test, it is only a test...I promise I will not stomp my feet, kick and scream or shout in public. I promise.


  1. What matters more is that you carry on after missing a day of blogging. It is kind of like falling off the bike and getting back on again. If you don't you miss so much. And we, who follow your blog, would miss so much of your insight, wisdom, and humor! Thanks for your encouragement and example. (and I won't tell if I see you tantrum! :-)

  2. I too often wish I could stomp my feet and simply tell some people "I don't like you no more" as a three year old might,in certain situations. It has to be freeing!Keep going,continue to challenge yourself, it is all a journey anyway. :-)