Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ready....Set....Go....Let the Blogging Begin

Today is the kick-off of the 2012 Blogathon; a writing challenge to all bloggers to post every day of the month. I am always so excited about the idea of blogging daily but once the month of May begins, I panic. I intend to prepare thirty posts before the first day and yet, again I have failed to do so. But I will persevere with my good intentions and hopefully fulfill my goal.

Today I am borrowing a quote I saw recently that I felt was the perfect introduction to the Blogathon, because with almost 200 blogs registered this year, that is a lot of reading and new ideas available to everyone. So, here is my thought for the day:

"Somewhere someone is looking for exactly what you have to offer"  ~ Louise L. Hay

I believe that this applies to everyone, no matter where they are in their life. Whether it be looking for a new job, a spouse, a friend or a new opportunity. The goal is to remain focused on your positive qualities and not worry about your own perceived weaknesses, as they may not be a "real" weakness at all.

Remember that in life, it is important to "stick your neck out" sometimes; take the risk and let nature take its course. If you are not willing to try something because you might fail....Haven't you really already failed yourself.

Just a thought. So, while I and about 199 other bloggers begin the journey of writing one post per day for the next month, I wish us all the best of luck and hopefully we will have a great deal of fun and growth along the way.

See ya at the finish line.

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