Thursday, November 5, 2009

November - The Month of Thanks & Sharing

November is the month that officially welcomes rain, cold and gray dreary days and early darkness here in the Pacific Northwest. Yet, it is also the time of woodstoves burning brightly, warm and cozy houses and homemade soups and bread. In our house, we celebrate each change of season, or at least I do; brightly colored arrangements fill the house with the oranges, browns and yellows of fall, softly burning (battery operated) candles flicker brightly in subtle areas of the house and the woodstove heats the house while the soft glow of fire brightens the living room through the stove’s glass window. My house is very cozy in the winter months, something I look forward too as summer ends and fall approaches. I love each season for the sensations and feelings they each bring into my life. I try to show the children how different each season is, the new life of spring, the wonderful joy in the summer sun, the fall harvest and the winter’s quiet white.

As I write this entry I am surrounded by the warmth of my home, the love of my family and the peace of having so many blessings in our lives. As I ponder how lucky we are, I am also aware of those that do not have so much. November is also a time to begin gathering food, blankets, coats, shoes and other supplies for families in need; the time of year when my children can learn to share with those less fortunate and to be thankful for the blessings that they can share with others. Each season offers a lesson in living, this time of year we learn to share and be generous; thankful for what we have and for what we can give to others

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