Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Incomplete Word Count Blog-a-Thon

I have realized, after three failed attempts, that I am not meant to be a daily blogger. I get so excited prior to the beginning of the blog-a-thon, take notes in my journal, prepare posts for different days of the month and, this year, I even had a blog journal to help me organize my writing objectives. All for naught. My life is just not one that allows for daily blogging. I am always running too many different directions (aren't most of us) and I don't have the discipline, I suppose, to sit down and write a daily entry in my blog.

I would love too. I write in my journal. I have many different ideas and entries to share but it seems easier to write them in my journal than it is to get them onto the blog.

After my minimal success this month, I have decided to forgive myself for not accomplishing the full thirty days; heck, I think I got less than three or four days posted this month. Rather, I am going to continue to write my blog as I can fit it into my schedule. Hoping that practice will make perfect, next year, when I will once again attempt to write and enter my daily blog for a full thirty days.

Thank you for understanding.


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