Saturday, June 1, 2013

Throwing a Party

I admit it! I am a Party Girl!!

Well, okay, not exactly a "Party Girl", more like, a Party Planning Girl! I love to plan parties. give me a paper, pencil and an event and I can happily sit for hours planning and organizing the big day.

I have been planning parties for over fifteen years. I have hosted/planned kids events, adult events, weddings and showers for brides and babies. I even plan classroom parties with gusto. It is who I am.

I love it all, deciding upon a theme, creating a budget, shopping for sales, menu creating and even clean-up. I mean what better way to evaluate your success than to clean up a well celebrated event.

This month, I will be offering a multitude of different things I have learned along the way, to help you or somone you know plan a party.

I am big on budget friendly shopping and have learned many ways to host a great party while staying on or below budget.

While my blog will not focus entirely on party planning, it is the theme for the month of June. Summer is ahead and many people will be hosting birthday parties, summer bar-b-ques, weddings and baby/bridal showers.

I will offer tips, resources, money saving shortcuts and menus to help make any event a success.

So please join me and celebrate your life ~ one party at a time!

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